Making It Real

True generational steps occur when bold people create pioneering technologies. The transition from "science fiction" to reality occurs when a few brave souls take a leap of faith and make it happen. Arkisys’ pioneering passion breaks the boundaries limiting the use of, and operation in space. We enable real company-to-company "space" commerce, and expand revenue sources by providing new functions and applications for what can be done in Space. Arkisys embodies advanced innovation, forged from decades of experience with spacecraft systems engineering and architecture. Our philosophy marries the programmatic present with a bold future; bridging the gap between traditional space, and new space vehicles that will transport this generation beyond our planet, beyond our solar system, to Earth's future in space!


Cellular Design

Cellular spacecraft enable a completely new way to think about design. Arkisys with its partners are pioneering iPad "apps" that do not require spacecraft engineering degrees to create or use!


A new software architecture has been created to allow sharing of resources and capabilities within the ECHOS platforms, where users can write true "apps" that control these new space systems.


The key disruptive technology that has opened up the concept of cellular morphology is the 'satlet' - small, intelligent building blocks that contain functional capabilities of traditional spacecraft. Satlets are designed to aggregate and collaboratively share resources much like the cells in the human body.


This year marks a major milestone as we demonstrate this pioneering capability in its first space launch. Join us as we awaken the next generation of space entrepreneurs through a revolutionary technology that will create, innovate, and connect everyone.



Arkisys is actively pursuing partnerships with new technology companies to integrate into the ECHOS architecture. And we are actively designing and creating affordable space-based systems using the cellular architecture for new space-to-space commercial customer applications. Let us work with you to make your vision a reality!